The Number 12

These days we are a little sentimental about this number. 12 years ago, we launched into a life of grinding grain, baking bread and serving-up scrumptious sweets. Weeks before opening this new chapter in our lives, my siblings and cousins were helping us unload panels of sheet metal, lumber and supplies to finish construction of the bakery. We insisted that they leave; it was time for them to go back to their own homes and board up windows for the threat of the storm. 12 years ago, Katrina and Rita blasted through Louisiana skirting both sides of Lafayette.

Within days, the population of Lafayette grew by 50%! I can still remember driving through town…it seemed like rush hour was every hour just from the sheer increase in vehicles. While every hotel room was filled with evacuees and many households were taking in relatives, we took in the  mechanics who flew in from New York (with no place to stay) to complete installation of our new “baby” – the 56-Pan Reed Oven. It felt surreal – so much devastation and heartbreak around us while so much exhilaration and excitement was growing within us…12 years ago.

The number 12 takes on a different meaning when you are a baker. It becomes a dozen. And you know what happens when you have a Baker’s Dozen? You get some lagniappe!

Well this week (Sept 5-9) we are concentrating on that Baker’s Dozen –> 12% of ALL sales ALL week long goes to Catholic Charities of Houston/Galveston specifically to the flood victims. (If you’re wondering about the lagniappe, that comes next week when we celebrate 12 of the sweetest years at Great Harvest!)

Hope to see you in the shop.
Michelle & JP

P.S. I would be remiss if not mentioning the most important “12” in our lives – the youngest lad in our MacFadyen Clan: Jack the Mac!

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